Next Granite Lake Association Meeting Scheduled for Saturday, July 17 2021 at 10:00 am at Sandy Beach

Minutes of 2020 meeting will need to be approved at the July 17, 2021 meeting.

Granite Lake Association Annual Meeting

July 18, 2020 Saturday 10:00 am

Sandy Beach ( due to Covid 19 social distancing )

Present: Bill Steiniger, Pres.; Tyke Lavigne, Vice-Pres.; Sally Ripley, Sec.; Sharon Iagulli, Lake Host Coordinator; Cayla Pagniucci, Newsletter; Dita Englund, Membership Chair.
Andrea LaMoreaux guest speaker New Hampshire Lakes Association.

A beautiful, hot, sunny day greeted those who came masked and keeping the recommended social distance from each other. The meeting was held outdoors at Sandy Beach. Bill began by thanking Tyke Lavigne for his service and great help to the Association.

Nominations for new officers were made: Bob Maden, for President; Derek Walton, for Vice-President; Tom Newcombe, for Treasure; Sally Ripley, for Secretary; Damian Largier, for Member at Large; Dita Englund, for Membership Chair. Motion was made and seconded and passed.

The 2019 Secretaries Minutes were distributed and approved.

Bill introduced our Guest Speaker, Andrea LaMoreaux from New Hampshire Lakes Association. Andrea is the Vice President of Programs and Operations at New Hampshire Lakes Association of which our Association is a member. Andrea holds a masters in Environmental Services and grew up in New Hampshire at Lake Sunapee. She spoke about some of the lake concerns that many other lakes are experiencing. NH lakes are experiencing much busier boat traffic this summer as compared to other years. She spoke about Granite Lake’s positive features: clear water, quiet and wildlife. Some negatives we are seeing: boat wakes and its effect on shore line, overpopulation, salt run-off. Granite Lake is threatened particularly this season due to short ice season, warmer water, ongoing drought, hard fast rains which deposit phosphorus into the lake. Big wakes from boats are leading to eroded shoreline banks.

Jet Skis: Originally the 13 feet and under were outlawed. The jet ski industry quickly saw a work-around on the law and made longer ones which they called personal watercraft to seat three people so they could be termed a boat. Please call the Marine Patrol to report unsafe operation. Don't ty to confront the riders in question. Get the license plate and or a video. The Marine Patrol has been to our lake three or four times already to talk to some violators.

Wake Boats: Are boats filled with some form of ballast to make the boat ride lower in the water to make bigger waves for jumping. If we have a problem, the favored solution is to create an ad hoc committee to find what most residents want. Then to inspire the owners to act more responsibly, this should include jet skis as well.

Bob Maden talked about the Lake Smart program created by NH Lakes Association. Andrea spoke about this service. They have hosted a Lake Smart -Lake Friendly Living Webinar series. These are posted on the NH Lakes Association website. They show you how to take care of your property in an environmental way.

Bob Englund spoke about the Covid 19 virus, thanking the GLA leadership for holding the meeting outside with cautions in place. At this time there were 30-40 cases in the county, 0 in Nelson, 1-2 in Stoddard. One may get sick 3-4 days after exposure or not at all but can still spread the virus. He suggested having a mask in your pocket when walking around the lake, and putting it on if you stop to chat. We sponsored AED training last year, but not this year. Reminder that people need to renew their certifications every other year.

Lake Host Program: Lake Hosts inspected 878 boats, canoes and kayaks with no invasive species found. We have thanked both Nelson and Stoddard as each town donated $2000 to fund our ongoing Lake Host Program. Volunteers are still needed to fill in schedule gaps in coverage at the ramp.

Boating regulation books were made available for people to pick up. A reminder that life jackets are required for children 12 years and under. Many thanks to Andrea LaMoreaux for coming to talk to us on such a nice day.

Additional topics from Bill’s summer up-date sheets included information about a grant application for paving the the driveway at the Nelson fire station across from the boat ramp. The application was not accepted. The process allowed the GLA some good exposure with Nelson and Stoddard and the Harris Center as they all supported the proposal. An abandoned swim dock was duly rescued and later removed and disposed off, as it was in bad condition. There were two recommendations for the Lake Host Program: Need to reach out for full coverage on the ramp to stop any invasive species, and could Lake Hosts write down every registration plate number in case it is needed to trace any bad boating behaviors. Update on the loons, visitors but no nesting loon pairs this year. However, we have two successful eagle chicks, now flying and living on their own.

Tom Newcombe, although not able to attend ( at his daughter’s wedding) did send a financial statement. Available balances: Operating Account $11,684.22; Lake Host $3,164.99; Water Quality $9,665.72. After expenses balance : $20,819.95. Dues before the meeting 12 individual @$35 $420.00 62 families @$50.00 $3,100. Memorial donation Mark Bean $1,270.00. Donation GL T-shirts $145.00, Bob Kingsbury for Nelson Town Band $200.00 Water Quality 26 members $1,955.00.
Next Year 2021 Meeting July 17, 2021 10:00 am Munsonville Chapel by the Lake

Voted to adjourn meeting about 11:45.
Respectfully Submitted
Sally Ripley

Harris Center Purchases Granite Lake Headwaters

In June, the Harris Center closed on the purchase of the 515-acre Granite Lake Headwaters property in Stoddard, ensuring its permanent protection.

This parcel contains two headwater streams that flow under Route 9, into Nye Meadow, and on to Granite Lake in Stoddard and Nelson. In 2013, the land was purchased by a company that conducted extensive onsite timber operations. During that period of intensive road building and timber harvesting, sediment washed from the property into Granite Lake, raising concerns about water quality at that popular swimming, fishing, and boating spot.

The location of the Granite Lake Headwaters property (outlined in red), in relation to Granite Lake, Route 9, and a nearby corridor of conserved land (in green).


To read more details about this project to protect an important body of water for Cheshire County, please visit the Harris Center for Conservation Education's website.

To make a tax-deductible contribution in support of this project, select “Granite Lake Headwaters Protection Fund” as the program for your online donation.

You can also make a donation by printing out this form and mailing it into the Harris Center with the instructions on the second page.