Welcome to Granite Lake!

Granite Lake is 238 acres in size, just over a mile in length and just over one-half mile in width. This small lake is one of the cleanest and deepest lakes in New Hampshire.
The Granite Lake Association (GLA) was formed in 1949 by a group of people to promote recreational activities and to preserve the natural resources of the area. The island is owned by the GLA, is open to members of the association, and is preserved by the GLA in its natural state. It is home to nesting bald eagles and until their residence on the island a few years ago, it was the nesting area for loons. To find out how to become a member
of the GLA, click on the “How to Join” tab. Our by-laws and mission statement can be found on the “Mission” tab.

Boating safety is important to us. Boat traffic around the lake, and specifically around the island, should be counter-clockwise. This helps keep everyone who enjoys the lake – motor boats, paddlers and swimmers – safe. For more information on boater safety, please click on the “Information” tab and select “Boater Rules and Regulations”

Granite Lake is free from invasive species thanks to the boaters that always take time to clean, drain and dry boats, trailers, and gear before launching into the lake and after taking boats out of the lake. And many thanks to our volunteer lake hosts who help ensure that our lake stays free of invasive species. To learn more about the Lake Host program and invasive species, please click on the “Programs” tab and select “Lake Host Program”.
To volunteer, please contact Sharon O’Brien-Iagulli at soiagulli@hotmail.com or 617.784.2275.

The GLA encourages the property owners on Granite Lake to take part in the NH Lakes LakeSmart Program (https://nhlakes.org/lakesmart/). LakeSmart is an education, evaluation, and recognition program that is free, voluntary, and non-regulatory. LakeSmart helps us ensure that future generations inherit a lake with a healthy future!
Take a moment to explore our website – read our past newsletters, learn about the association’s history and our Watershed Management Plan, and check out the gallery of pictures of Granite Lake. Enjoy the lake.

- The Granite Lake Association Executive Committee