Association History

Brief History of the Granite Lake Association

Bill Steiniger


Granite Lake is a 228 acre lake with a watershed of about 2,432 acres entirely within the towns of Nelson and Stoddard. The lakes length is 1.08 miles, greatest width .52 miles, altitude 1,281 feet, length of shoreline 3.21 miles, and its greatest water depth is 111 feet. Additionally the lake holds three billion, two hundred million gallons of water (9,900 acre/ft.) Granite Lake supports a cold water fishery as well as a number of warm water fish species. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game (2010) the lake supports stocked rainbow trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, rock bass, chain pickerel and hornpout.

The Granite Lake Association, Inc was organized in September of 1949, by a group of interested people to promote recreational activities and to preserve the natural resources of the area. The first meeting was held on August 31, 1949 in Emile Grube’s barn, with 88 initial members by August of 1950.

On June 9, 1951, the Association purchased the water rights to Granite Lake from W. Wesley Dutton. This purchase allowed control of the level of the water in the lake to permit the lowering of the lake at intervals to enable the cleaning and repairs of beaches and to maintain a desirable level of water for summer activities. In 1958, the Granite Lake Association purchased the island for the use of members and their families. In 2011 The Association commissioned AECOM associates to prepare a Watershed Management Plan to help guide the members on issues to correct and proactively maintain water quality and protect our natural resources. The Granite Lake Association is in its 70th year of contiguous service to the community.

The purpose of the Association remains fundamentally the same today as it did some seventy years ago. We exist as a voluntary association in compliance with and pursuant to the laws of the State of New Hampshire to serve Granite Lake’s scenic, recreational and environmental interests by promoting the preservation and protection of its water quality and other natural resources.

The Association recognizes the existence of the Granite Lake Village District whose responsibility is exclusive with the respect to the impoundment of the waters of Granite Lake. This includes the water level of the lake, and maintenance, repair, improvement, replacement and inspection of the dam. The Association has no responsibility for any matter or subject for which the Village District has exclusive responsibility.