Next Granite Lake Association Meeting Scheduled for Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 9:30 am Chapel by the Lake

Minutes of 2021 meeting will need to be approved at the July 16, 2022 meeting.

Granite Lake Association. Annual Meeting July 17, 2021

Present: Bob Maden, Pres.; Derek Walton, Vice Pres.; Tom Newcombe, Treas.; Sally Ripley, Sec.; Sharon Iagulli, Patty Maden, Lake Host Coordinators; Joanne Bartolotta, Membership Chair; & Cayla Pagniucci, Newsletter. Absent: Damian Largier, Member at large

Bob Maden opened the 72nd, meeting of the GLA with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by honoring those who have passed this year: Joan MacAllister, Bob Dever-ill, John Shea, and Phil Hamilton who had lived here his whole life of 72 years.

Sally Ripley, secretary, distributed the minutes from 2020 for the members to review and for any discussion later on the agenda.

Next Bob, introduced Chris Martin, an eagle biologist with NH Audubon. Chris said they are always looking for more observers. When he came in 1990, there was 1 nesting pair in Coos County; now there are 80 pair in NH. The pair at Nubanusit is the longest-running pair, and there is a new pair at Sand Pond.

Eagle facts:

Adults are around all year refurbishing nest as needed Nesting eagles swap out every 2 hours when sitting on eggs for about 5 weeks. Eaglets take about 11-12 weeks to learn to fly and hunt, then drift south of here. Males average 10 lbs, females 12-14. Both may live 10 years or more. A nest may be as much as 8 ft. high and outlive its eagle pair. Eagles protect nests from territorial eagles, raccoons, fisher, bear. Loon mortality only 3%. Eagles and loons often do cohabitate on one lake. Eagles often have more than 1 nest. Water quality is more important than clarity as eagles see motion as well. Lead is a danger to eagles. Eagles fledge between early June and early August

Bill Steiniger met with the representative from the Loon Preservation Committee, but it was too windy to go out on the lake. We believe he has an appointment to come back this week. Bill could not attend the GLA meeting.

A motion to accept last year’s minutes was appropriately moved, seconded and the vote was affirmative.

Tom Newcombe gave the treasurer’s report. The GLA had 81 paid members last year. More island T-shirts are available — in xx large and small for $10. A lot of extra donations are going to the water quality fund. WQ fund now at $11,005.72.

A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was appropriately moved, seconded and the vote was affirmative

Tom Newcombe presented the water quality report. Last year DES was down to 1 collection to test the water quality and no biologist came. There are not enough interns this year to help with more technical water testing equipment.

Newcombe did a test on 7/15/21. The visibility was poor at 7.1 meters because of all the rain stirring up the water. Road salt has mostly come from Rte. 9 and Granite Lake Rd. The chlorides sink to the bottom until the water turns over. In summer we have 3 layers, the bottom is pushed up in winter and turns the lake over.

We will have 1 more test this summer, but we have to have a drop-off appt. so we can’t collect it when we think the best time may be.

Lake Host The Lake Hosting program has run since 1992, including a few volunteers who began in 1992. The group now includes 5 paid hosts and 18 volunteers who work 2-hour shifts. This year there is a new hazard — Chinese mystery snail.

Fortunately, both Stoddard and Nelson donate $2000/year to continue the program. We now have $2,047.73 balance left from before they did.

AED There will be 2 evening classes for 24 people this year — July 22 and 29 from 6:30 to 9 with a total of 12/ class. The GLA usually funds at the $50 level per person. Dr. Englund spoke briefly about the spread of Covid 19 and how the Delta variant is 2-3 times more contagious.

Membership Bob introduced the new membership chair, Joann Bartolotta. Joann reported that as of today we have 54 family memberships and 10 single member-ships. Joann will be calling on our neighbors to make them aware of the lake association and seek their support.

Chapel donations The membership voted to donate $100 to Sandy Beach for our use both in 2020 and 2021. We also voted to donate $200 to the Chapel-by-the-Lake for 2020 and again for 2021. Motions to accept passed.

Phil Hamilton recognition. Members asked that the GLA consider doing something to honor Phil and his contribution to the lake and community. A motion was made by Bob Englund and seconded to authorize the GLA executive committee to spend up to $1000. for some kind of tribute to honor Phil Hamilton. After discussion, Bob Englund withdrew his motion for a monetary authorization for the tribute. A motion was made that a committee be formed to work with the Hamilton family to find something mutually agreeable. The motion was seconded and passed.

Audubon Society A motion was made, seconded, and passed to make a one-time $100 donation to NH Audubon. Chris thanked us heartily. May vote next year to continue supporting them.

Harris Center A motion was made to donate $250 to the Harris Center Education Fund. It was amended to $100 which was defeated, and the sum of $250 was passed.

Unfortunately, the band has not been meeting during Covid and has no schedule to play for our usual community picnic nor are the powers that be ready to put one on. We look forward to improved circumstances next year.

A motion was made to hold next year’s annual meeting at the Chapel, July 16, 2022, at 9:30 a.m. The motion was seconded and passed.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.
Adjourned 11:40 a.m.


Sally Ripley, Secretary