Prior GLA Meeting Minutes-2017

Annual Meeting   Granite Lake Association

July 15, 2017

The meeting was called to order at about 9:30 a.m. July 15, 2017 with the pledge of allegiance.

A moment of silence was called for remembering for Betty Ripley, Dick Capelli, Robertson Mackay, and Sue Kingsbury, who have passed away this year.

A motion was made and seconded to approve last year’s annual meeting minutes. Approved


Guest speaker Andrea LaMoreaux, Vice-President of NH Lakes Association, spoke at length about invasive plants and animals in NH’s lakes.  NH Lakes Assoc. is a state-wide, non-profit organization which seeks to inspire responsible care and use of NH lakes.  There are about 1000 lakes and ponds which are at risk - some of which are already contaminated with invasive plants or animals. We have 85 infected waterways, of which 72 have variable milfoil. The waterways are almost impossible to navigate by motorboat and dangerous to swim in for people, pets and other animals due to entanglement.  The plants are virtually impossible to get rid of and fantastically expensive to contain.  Andrea quoted a price of approx. 1 million dollars in contracting fees ---or $500-1500/day.  She said that there are some funds available for the first year from the state, after that grants are available but the localities will need to pay up. Another reason you don’t want these invasive species, is that they reduce your property values by an average of %16. Andrea said there has been one good note - in the past 4 years lake hosts have reported a much higher awareness of the dangers. Weeds are not the only culprit either.  There have been 5 saves in NH from various invasive species infestations including one by zebra mussels.


The Lake Host program was initiated to help catch these invasive plants and animals before they reach the lake. So far at Granite Lake since the beginning, there have been 7,512 inspections with 3 saves.  We also need to keep up the weed watch program. Anita Flanagan, our coordinator, reported 390 inspections so far in 2017. 2 new volunteer lake hosts have joined this year.


Tom Newcombe summarized the financial report and VLAP reports.

As of July 1, 74 members had paid membership dues. The operating balance with deductions (total bank) totaled $14,499.84.

Last year’s water report, the VLAP, had 2 good months of 10 meters and 9.8 meters clarity.(we get 3 tests/year every 2 years)  Unfortunately, we had one bad month when we had a deluge of 5 or so inches of rain, and the number went down to 6 meters. In the inlet brook (downstream from the D.O.T. garage) phosphorous was at 27 when it usually is 9-12.

A motion to accept was made and seconded. His reports were approved.


Tom gave an update on our application to the federal govt. for a 501 c3 non-profit status.

John Edie, board member of NH Lakes Association, whose area of expertise is tax law, helped the GLA executive board with questions they had about the application for 501c3 status. He volunteered to walk us through many of the application questions. When Tom Newcombe completed the original application there was a problem with the account number he used. This was resolved when he applied for a new number.

$275.00 was approved by the board in June for the application fee. When we get this tax status, donors will be able to deduct their donations from their federal taxes.


Sally gave the loon report in Bill’s absence. The loon parents arrived right after the ice went out (April 13-14), and had 2 chicks born June 15. On the 19 th one chick was found dead on the beach after being pecked by its sibling. Both the dead chick and the egg shells were taken for testing by the Loon Preservation Society. Bill will get a report eventually.


Bob Englund passed around a paper for volunteers to sign up for AED training. The GLA will pay $50 which covers most of the fee for up to 12 people. AED machines are located at Nicoletti’s, Englund’s, and the Chapel for 3 seasons - below 40 degrees they need to be inside so only the Chapel one is available in the winter.  AED machines have proven to be very effective in saving lives with trained personnel and possible with the untrained.


No new officers - 2 year terms. Harry Flanagan- President; Bill Steiniger, Vice-President; Tom Newcombe, Treasurer; Sally Ripley, Secretary; Tyke Lavigne, Officer-at-large,;, Mike Guida, Water Quality Chair;  Dita Englund, Membership Chair; Cayla Pagniucci, Newsletter; Judy Walton, Nominating Committee Chair.


The beaver deceiver is working correctly and efficiently. The purpose is to keep the water level of Nye Meadow from getting too high - preventing the D.O.T. from cutting a chunk out of the dam and letting silty water to flow into the lake.


There are certainly some other silt concerns. One is on West Shore Rd. where the road is so close to the lake and the way it is graded. A meeting with Mike Tarr and David Vallaincourt will be planned soon.

Harry and Bill checked on the parking area above Nye Meadow. The RR ties left after Eversource used them at the time of the fire in 2016 have been removed, and the area has been cleaned up and hayed.

On another site, Bill, Harry, Mike and I met with Swift Corwin, forester who will be starting to log an area west of Farm Rd. near its junction with the Monadnock Sunapee Trail. This area drains directly down into Granite Lake. He assures us that proper precautions will be taken to prevent run-off.  At least he knows we are watching. It was to start 7/4/17.


The lake level will be drawn down 2 feet beginning Oct. 1.-15 for the lake trout spawning season.  We are lucky enough to be 1 of 3 lakes with native lake trout. If the weather is dry, Phil said he may be able to wait another few days.


Membership: 50 full members & 7 single members as of day of meeting.


Barbara Ropiecki sought a volunteer to take over her job as Treasurer of the Granite Lake Village District as she is going to resign whether there is someone to take her place or not.  Also on the subject of the GLVD, Butch Roeder [Commissioner] said that the Commissioners had received a letter from the State saying that our dam will now be considered a high risk dam following an inspection called for by John Cucchi. John wants to place a building down below the dam where the old mill was located. There is also another building further (200 or so yards?) down below the dam which would certainly be affected in case of serious flood.  Due to the changing weather patterns - heavier rains at once - they are upgrading their expectations for more severe flash flooding statewide. We do not know yet what this may mean for our dam --it may mean widening the spillway or reinforcing the dam in some other way. In any case, more money may be needed from our tax base.


A motion was made and seconded to schedule next year’s meeting for July 21, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. motion was approved.


A motion was made to pay the Chapel-by-the-Lake $350.00 for the use of the building.  It was approved.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Approved

Adjourned 11:13 am

Respectfully submitted,


Sally Ripley, Secretary